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Two little piggies

Pets Posted on Sun, August 16, 2015 12:53:29

Since this is a blog I’ll also use it for other things than writing down that sad part of my life, and here’s a post of another kind.

The Björklund Lehto family was expanded a bit two days ago when Kili & Fili entered our home. I’ve missed having these little talkative creatures around since our little Berris passed away, so it’s good to once more have adorable guinea pigs with us.

Kili was the reason why it happened at all. I fell for him a couple of weeks ago when spotting him in the pet store where we were getting some hay for our bunnies. I couldn’t get him out of my mind but decided to try forgetting him anyway, what with a bunch of bunnies and a hamster at home it might be a bit crowded already. This week he was still at the pet shop, and it ended with me not getting proper sleep one night, arguing with myself about how it wouldn’t be great to bring more pets around the house. Well, seems like I did a bad job arguing the downsides… And when my husband said I should think of how much in guinea pig love I was, well, then it was really settled. Guinea guys it was!

Fili was then chosen out of the two guinea pigs remaining in the store, since guinea pigs should not be kept alone. He is such a sweetheart! While Kili seems to be the boss while also being adorable and cuddly (though for a shorter moment of time), Fili seems to enjoy hanging out on the sofa for a longer time and is less cautious when on the floor. Or how about yesterday’s cuddle marathon of an hour, I think he broke any previous guinea pig cuddle record I’ve had. Maybe he is just too terrified to object the cuddling sooner than that? Time will tell 🙂 They are adorable and I am very happy that they’re part of our family now.


Pets Posted on Mon, November 11, 2013 12:14:57

Time keeps flying away. A furry little one has found her way to our home. That happened by the end of September already, so by now she’s settled in quite well although she and her “brother” needs to learn to get along a bit better.


Pets Posted on Sun, November 18, 2012 13:29:05


The GIRL (5) sits in a pulk, laughs out loud and looks at the white landscape passing her by.

In front of her the yellow dog TESSA runs, pulling the pulk forward. Beside them the girl’s FATHER is skiing.

The girl glances at her two companions. She looks happy.


Tessa pushes the door open with her nose. A small ray of light from the kitchen lamp reaches into the room. The girl laying on the bed awakens.

Tessa approaches the bed, crawls under it and sticks her head out, laying it down on the carpet. The girl reaches after Tessa, fondles her softly. Falls asleep again. A little while later the dog falls asleep as well.


Pets Posted on Sun, November 04, 2012 15:07:53

I just realized that of course I have to blog about bunnies as well, because bunnies are awesome.

When I was 9 or 10 I got my first bunny that I so creatively named “Lille Skutt” (if you’re from Sweden, or has ever read the Bamse magazine, you’ll know that character). I have no images of that little fella, but I have a story to tell. I thought it was a he, all the time until me and a friend of mine decided that my bunny boy should make her bunny girl pregnant. Turned out Lille Skutt wasn’t much of a boy and the other bunny wasn’t much of a girl, my bunny was the one that ended up getting pregnant instead. Unfortunately I never got to see those furry little ones because my little brother got allergic and I had to let Lille Skutt go. She found a home with some other child instead.

But when I was 16 we had room for a cage in the garage, and that’s when Candelaria entered the picture. She was a 1½ years old bunny who wasn’t easy, she was afraid of everything and I don’t know how many times she bit me, but I didn’t care much since it wasn’t her fault. I think it was due to some kids not treating her well. She never regained trust in people again, but she stayed with me until she died from a cold (colds are horrible for bunnies 🙁 ) at the age of six.

Then I had a bunny named, ahem, Jesus. Don’t ask me about that name, I’m not a religious person. 😛 She only lived for 2 years and I don’t know what the matter with her was, one morning I just found her cold inside her cage. She was a pretty little one who got affected by Candelaria and bit me several times, but later she calmed down.

And so, in 2004, I came across Lill-Katja. A family was giving her away and I went there to check her out. Love at first sight. I had never met a bunny like this before and I fear I never will meet a bunny like this again. She was intelligent, cuddly, super friendly and just so kind. We could cuddle for ages. We actually even watched the whole Lord of The Rings pt 1, extended version, together. (Well ok, she didn’t really watch it, she just cuddled.) I mean that’s about 3½ hours. Half way through she started digging on my stomach which was her sign of needing a bathroom break, so we took a short break and then kept cuddling. ^^ Unfortunately she passed away only 7 years old, due to cancer. I still miss her. That’s the bad thing with bunnies, they have such short life spans.

By now, my boyfriend and I have a little gentleman (or at least half-decent fella) named Archimedes inhabiting our kitchen and hallway. He’s a little sweetheart but also has a lot of temper, he doesn’t really enjoy cuddling for longer times and he enjoys peeing on people which, fortunately, doesn’t happen all that often. He’s not always too bright but other times he surprises us. He’ll turn one year in January and we hope to keep him around for a long time.

Not all people out there believe bunnies to be smart or have personality, but they really do (ok, not all are smart ones, but that also depends on how you treat them, you too wouldn’t be all that smart if you were locked inside a cage all day long). And they’re so adorable too.

End of bunny rant. 😀