I don’t know when I started enjoying these little plastic horses, but I can’t have been much older than 4 or 5 when I got my first pony. She was called Starshine, and she had a golden star on her hips and rainbow coloured mane. I suppose that’s how the madness started. ^^

I got ponies every now and then, for Christmas and for birthdays. I remember opening some of them, like Megan and Sundance (which was one of my favourites while younger), and a pink sea pony named Water Lily.

One day my father and I were in the toy shop in Malmberget where we lived. It was a small one, green exterior I think, and there I saw a bunch of summer wing + windy wing ponies. I had picked cloudberries during the summer and had earned some money by selling them, and I asked my father how many ponies I had money for. More than I exptected, definitely, and I really suspect that dad helped out a bit there. It’s a pity I cannot ask him about that anymore. I anyway don’t remember how many ponies I bought at that time, but by the time I stopped playing with ponies I had five of that kind.

So yes, at some point I stopped playing, and there the ponies were, stuffed away in boxes at my parents house.

One day, when I was 19 or so, I went to a flea market. I found a yellow My Little Pony there, don’t remember which one at the moment (and that info would anyway just mean something to people who know anything about this stuff anyway), and just for the sake of nostalgia I bought it.

I then picked up the box of ponies and went through it. And then the madness really begun.

I’ve collected My Little Ponies since then and I can’t properly explain why, other than that they make me happy, nostalgic and I feel like a child at heart only by looking at them.

I don’t know how many ponies I have by now. More than 300 I think, but of course there are still many holes in my collection.

In January, this gap was filled though:

Paradise Estate, that is. A huge building. My boyfriend and I were in Gothenburg for the Film Festival when we walked into an ordinary modern toy shop when we saw this one. I went sorta out of my mind, it was the first thing we saw in the shop. I walked to another room in the shop, it felt totally surreal that this building was there and was for sale, it was like a crazy My Little Pony dream. Yes, I have My Little Pony dreams. In some of them I walk into shops just like the one we walked into for real, finding lots of old pony buildings and ponies, just like we did for real now. Yes, I’m a bit nuts maybe. Do I care? No. It’s nice. 🙂 There was no room for buying the building, we had one case with us on the trip and this building took up five huge bags. And my boyfriend told me to buy it, and I bought it, and it’s a great thing I have enormously kind inlaws. My boyfriend’s parents drove all the way to Gothenburg to bring my find to their home. I’m still so enormously grateful.

Over the last year I’ve been given a bunch of ponies from kind inlaws who have been to flea markets to hunt ponies for me, from kind sisters in law that have donated their old ponies to me, from kind aunts-with-their-husbands-in law who have found ponies at home and wanted to give them to me, from kind penpals/friends who wanted to add something to my collection, and one of the latest additions is Baby Halfnote that my boyfriend gave me for Christmas:

So what to say? People I’m fond of encourage my pony madness. Isn’t that totally awesome? I’m a lucky girl. Definitely.